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Wisteria Associate Art Gallery

Wisteria is excited to celebrate the diverse talents of Nemacolin Team members by creating a gallery space where associates can show and sell their artwork. Invited applicants receive a 3-month exhibit in the Wisteria Community Center in which selected works can be placed for sale and viewing. Wisteria will host an opening reception for each new artist.

  • Information and Application

    The Wisteria Associate Gallery is a quarterly program that runs throughout the year. Invited applicants receive a 3-month gallery show in the Wisteria community Center in which selected works can be placed for sale.

    Gallery Show timelines:

    November 1st 2023-January 26th  2024

    February 5th  – April 26th

    May  6th  – July 26th

    August 5th – October 25th

    November 4th -January  24th 2025

  • Eligibility

    Artists must be a current Nemacolin Associate. Associates can apply to show in the Wisteria Gallery once per year.

    Please note: If an associate departs employment from Nemacolin Resort during their gallery show, works will remain on display and for sale until the conclusion of the 3-month exhibition. Nemacolin will mail artworks back to the artist at the conclusion of the gallery show.

  • What kind of artwork can I show?

    At this time, the gallery supports the showing of Two Dimensional (2D/flat) works. (i.e – Paintings, Drawings, Photography, Graphic Design, Printmaking, mixed media, works on paper or canvas)

    For questions about what works can be shown, please contact Candace Hassinger.

  • What size artwork can I show?

    Wisteria can support up to 3 large format pieces (up to approximately 5’ x 5’) and has a variety of space for pieces that are up to 2’W x 3’H.

  • How are applicants selected?

    Executive staff review the applications and select artists based on the following criteria:

    Does the artist currently work for Nemacolin Resort?

    Does the artwork add to the atmosphere of the Wisteria Community center? Is it in line with the conduct outlined in the Associate Handbook?

    Please note: Due to the culture and goals of the Resort, at any time your artwork can be requested to be removed should it not align with the goals of Nemacolin Resort.

  • What happens if I am chosen to participate in the Wisteria Gallery?

    If your work is chosen to be displayed in the Wisteria Gallery, you will receive an invitation, instructions, and deadlines for artwork drop off and installation.

    As well, you and your family will be invited to attend a Gallery Opening celebrating your beautiful talent! Gallery Openings will be held at the Wisteria Community Center within the first week of the show’s duration.

  • Selling your artwork

    It is at the artist’s discretion whether they wish to sell their artwork or not.

    If you would like to place artwork for sale, you will receive 80% of the listed sale price and Wisteria Community Center will retain 20% should a piece of art sell.

    The 20% retainage helps support the gallery and future shows. The 20% retainage is added back into the Wisteria Gallery budget to cover costs for things like artwork framing, opening receptions, etc.

  • Loan Agreement and Payment

    All invited applicants must sign a Loan Agreement form at the acceptance of their gallery show.

    If works have been sold, a check request will be submitted, and payment will be mailed to the artist within two weeks. Within the following two weeks of the conclusion of your gallery show, you are required to retrieve the remaining works.

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